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Cemetery Licensing to Begin

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Cemetery Licensing to Begin (2012, June 19) [667**12]

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The regulations needed to implement the last piece of the Cemetery Oversight Act were recently adopted by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The new rules reflect changes in the Act adopted late last year by the General Assembly. Under the new rules, all cemeteries must obtain a license to operate a cemetery in Illinois or register as being fully or partially exempt from the Act. The law has already created a Consumer Bill of Rights that requires cemeteries to provide a standardized price list to consumers and to enter into signed contracts with consumers who purchase burial rights. Since 2011 Illinois cemeteries have been entering burial data into a statewide data base. To date, over 67,000 burials have been entered into the database.


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Illinois Information Service


Organization: Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
320 W. Washington
Springfield, IL 62786
Phone: 217-785-0800

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