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Best Management Practices for Oil Exploration and Extraction

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Best Management Practices for Oil Exploration and Extraction

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The petroleum industry generates a number of wastes during oil exploration and extraction. The primary wastes generated by drilling oil wells are drilling fluids and cuttings. Wastes generated by field production are produced water (i.e., brine, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, chemical treatment additives) and oily sludges. Secondary wastes include hydraulic fluid, weighting agents, acids, solvents, tank bottoms and oil debris. Improper disposal of these wastes has the potential to harm the soil, water resources and wildlife. Each suggested BMP will need to be judged on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the conditions, operations and limitations of each facility. You are encouraged to individualize the BMPs to your operations and site conditions, and to develop your own solutions for preventing pollution.


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