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April is Sticker Shock Month in Illinois

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April is Sticker Shock Month in Illinois (2012, April 2) [318**12]

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For the fourth consecutive year, the State of Illinois is coordinating a statewide educational effort, entitled Sticker Shock Month, reminding adults that it is illegal to give alcohol to minors and for minors to use a fake ID. During the month of April which is also national Alcohol Awareness Month thousands of youth and adult volunteers will visit liquor establishments throughout the state. During their visits, volunteers will post Project Sticker Shock materials as a final reminder to customers that providing alcohol to minors is Illegal, Unhealthy, & Unacceptable.


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Illinois Information Service


Organization: Illinois Liquor Control Commission
101 West Jefferson Street, Ste 3-525
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: 217-782-2136

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